Operational Efficiency & Excellence

Operational Efficiency and Excellence

Lakin Tire has an unwavering focus on operational efficiency and excellence. We continuously improve our processes to ensure your complete customer satisfaction with our scrap tire collection and recycling services.

We're driven by continuous improvement

Our team works relentlessly to improve our processes and operations in order to exceed the expectations of our customers, partners and community. This includes improving responsiveness to customers, designing purpose-built facilities, reducing energy and other resource use, optimizing core processes, applying technology to automate processes, and reducing complexity.  We strive to offer our customers the best possible scrap tire collection and recycling services at the most competitive price.

  • Our facilities are not only purpose-built and specifically designed for scrap tire collection and recycling, but our experienced team is committed to excellence by continuously improving our operations
  • Lakin Tire employs advanced technologies and streamlined methods to process scrap tires safely and efficiently, while ensuring compliance in accordance with all state regulations
  • We foster close partnerships with tire retailers and recyclers to ensure scrap tires are put to the best use
  • We process scrap tires in an end-to-end controlled environment (indoor, organized and networked) to achieve better safety and environmental standards as a leading recycling partner in the communities we serve
  • We build safety procedures into everything we do to protect our employees, our communities and our planet