Buy Used Tires & Casings

Buy Used Tires & Casings

Lakin Tire provides high-quality used tires to retailers and wholesalers around the world, as well as quality tire casings to retread manufacturers.

Experience the Lakin difference

Lakin Tire is your best source for high-quality used tires and tire casings.   With Lakin, you receive the right used tires– the right sizes, quantities and quality – all at a competitive price.  Consistent quality is the Lakin difference.  No one checks tires like we do. We apply expert inspections with a dedicated, highly trained inspection team and refined, controlled processes to ensure the tires we sell are tires you can sell.

Lakin’s founding philosophy drives our relentless focus to exceed your expectation with the best possible service, quality and value. Experience the Lakin difference today.

  • Our dedicated, experienced inspection team applies know-how, strict standards and leading inspection processes for accurate grading
  • We check our used tires, not once, but twice in a controlled indoor environment
  • We provide superior tracking and proactive communication enabling you to plan your used tire supply more accurately and efficiently
  • We also offer quality tire casings